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Elegant Abstract Background


At FTA&C, we work with a team of experts, who specialize in their specific areas, to deliver the best results. We have gained vast amount of experience working with and for many organizations in various sectors. This has led to the development of an open, collaborative and transparent company-wide-style which we apply internally and to all our clients.

Join our Team

Working across industries on the greatest strategic challenges will provide diverse opportunities to develop and the skills to deliver lasting impact.

We look to attract and retain the brightest minds in the business, hiring professionals across a wide range of disciplines.


Our employees are integral to our Firm’s identity, contributing to a culture of relationship, excellence integrity and innovation. It is their dedication and passion for their work that helps us becoming a trusted partner for clients.


We encourage independent thinking and reward initiative, while providing services to help employees grow professionally. Our business platform and brand reputation provide a launch pad for growing your career.

We always seek individuals with a demonstrated history of academic and professional achievement in the following areas:

  • Strategic consulting

  • Business advisory

  • Management consulting

  • Investment consulting


To apply for opportunities, please indicate the kind of position you seek and submit a resume and cover letter via the contact form.

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