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Solvency II, Pillar 3 Implementation

The Project was an end to end SII Pillar 3 implementation.

The Project was an end to end SII Pillar 3 implementation, involving a detailed gap analysis to identify the requirements (data, system & process changes), designing a solution for each requirement to be able to report to Lloyds, implementing these system and process changes, testing and user acceptance processes.

Key responsibilities included, but not limited to;

  1. Review of ‘gap analysis’ performed by the third party service providers, and challenging their findings.

  2. Assessment of data quality, readiness & availability against SII requirements (incl. understanding of data structures across various sources & systems, and mapping of Syndicate’s data to each reporting line in the SII Annual & Quarterly Reporting Templates).

  3. Review of accuracy and completeness of SII adjustments (i.e. accounting adjustments to convert UK GAAP financials to SII financials).

  4. Review and documentation of ‘as is’ reporting processes & controls vs Lloyds SII Pillar 3 reporting requirements.

  5. Provided input into the solution design and target SII reporting model, and implementation plan.

  6. Implementation of the changes according to the plan, incl. managing UAT testing, process and controls built and testing, delivery of the system changes and target operating model.

  7. Acted as a direct liaison with the Regulators (Lloyds of London) to clarify and confirm the details of more complex SII Pillar III requirements, and discuss and agree an acceptable solution and implementation method.

The Project was concluded by implementing and transferring all the deliverables to the Business, and integrating as BAU.

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