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Capital Projects

Our Capital projects and infrastructure practice is ideally qualified and equipped to help our clients plan, analyse, structure and execute large-scale capital programmes. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience in industries such as power, oil and gas, transportation, real estate and others.

We leverage the creative mindset and problem-solving experience of our consulting professionals, who include financial, technology, project management, risk management and engineering specialists harnessing our precision, structure, analytical capabilities and drawing on our experience of working across sectors and throughout the entire project and asset lifecycle.

By working with the goals of lenders, investors and project leaders in mind, the team provides expert support to public and private sector clients during the entire asset life-cycle and extracts the highest value from each capital investment.

Our services include but not limited to;

  • Project Governance & Risk management

  • Organization Design & Implementation

  • Construction Monitoring & Delivery

  • Asset / Portfolio Optimization

  • Investment Planning

Energy, Resources & Utilities

The energy, resources and utility landscape is constantly evolving, and companies are under pressure to increase productivity, push performance boundaries, redefine markets and pursue innovation.

Our Energy, Resources & Industrials specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to all segments of the Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power & Utilities, Mining & Metals and Industrial Products & Construction sectors, offering clients deep industry knowledge and a global network. We help our clients deliver operational excellence and fuel strategic growth.

We have worked with clients on projects in the alternative energy and utilities industries in North America and Africa. Our clients represent a broad cross-section of the sector: power generators, electric and gas utilities, multi-utility conglomerates, alternative energy providers, energy trading companies, gas storage and distribution players, energy service companies, water and waste utilities, and diversified global energy leaders.

Our energy, resources and utility sector activities include:

  • Energy & Utility Infrastructure Financing

  • Investment Strategy Development

  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management

  • Decommissioning

  • Operating Model Design & Implementation (Lean, Six Sigma)

  • Support Functions

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